Hilton Head Deep Sea Fishing Rates

Integrity is the boat you want to choose when you're thinking of Deep Sea Fishing, Off Shore Fishing, and Shark Fishing!              


Rates listed below include all necessary equipment for deep sea fishing for up to six passengers; including licenses, fishing equipment and bait.

  • 4 Hour Charter
  • $695
  • Integrity Charters four hour fishing trip is another great way to experience serious saltwater fishing in Hilton Head, especially if one may be wary of fishing in the first place. This charter is also great if your group is on a budget and wants to get some fishing on a world class charter boat but does not want to commit to one of the longer charters. This trip is considered offshore as Integrity will be fishing in the two to six mile range offshore. Sites that Integrity commonly fish include White Water Reef, Hilton Head Middle Grounds, and the Savannah Rockpile. Depending on the season, you can expect to catch sharks, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, blue fish, red fish, black drum, trout, and bull redfish to just name a few.
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  • 6 Hour Charter
  • $950
  • This is Integrity Charters most popular fishing charter. When you fish with Integrity, our clients are really surprised at how well the boat handles and how comfortable she rides. At first six hours may seem like a long time, however, when aboard, sport fishing in Hilton Head is so much fun that the time flies by. Please keep in mind, good fishing equals time spent out on the water; This means that the longer we have to fish, the greater the chances of catching our target species. Also, unlike other charter services in Hilton Head, we do not hug the coast on our six hour charters, the longer the charter, the farther we go offshore. Running offshore allows Integrity to run to the better fishing grounds in the 10-15 mile range. Sites that Integrity fish on the six hour charter include the Hilton Head Tire Reef, the Savannah River Tower, and the Eagles nest located 15 miles off the coast of Hilton Head, South Carolina. Species that can be expected on the six hour include monster sharks, cobia, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, barracuda, grouper, snapper, and saltwater sheepshead porgies. This is also an excellent trip to experience saltwater fishing as it allows us to use big game tactics, but without the long boat ride.
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  • 8 Hour Charter
  • $1,395 • Best Fishing Value
  • Integrity's eight hour charter is our second most popular charter. This trip lends itself the angler who has already fished and wants to try something different. We consider this a blue water trip. Depending on the season, Integrity will run as far as 40 miles offshore on this charter to get you to the premier fishing grounds. The eight hour charter is where you will really see the difference in Integrity Charters verses the rest of the charter fleet. Depending on what kind of fish your group wants to target, we can either bottom fish, or troll live baits. This trip gives the crew much more leeway as the extra two hours provided over the six hour trip allows us to run further offshore, whether north or south to find where the fish are currently located. Another added benefit to the eight hour charter, is that since we are getting closer to the gulfstream, there is a greater chance of catching pelagic species such as sailfish, dolphin, wahoo, and blackfin tuna. The more common catches however include king mackerel, cobia, little tunny, amberjack, and barracuda. Integrity's eight hour charter is an excellent way to experience all the Carolina Coast has to offer while being back home on Hilton Head by dinner time.
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  • 12 Hour Charter
  • $1,975
  • This trip is similar to the eight hour charter, but provides four additional hours of fishing. The twelve hour charter affords extra fishing time, which in turn provides even greater opportunity to catch tons of sport fish on a trip. The other aspect of the twelve hour charter, is that it gives Integrity the opportunity the run to multiple locations should the bite be hot at another. This charter is excellent for the serious angler who demands catching fish at another level.
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  • Shark Fishing Trip
  • $595
  • Integrity Charters evening shark fishing trips are a seasonal sport fishing activity that is fun fishing for the entire family. This trip runs to mouth of Calibogue Sound in Hilton Head Island, and sometimes as far as Tybee Island, Georgia. In the evening the sharks start to feed as the sun goes down and provides steady fishing action. This charter is excellent for any skill level, especially for beginners and families with young children as Integrity provides a steady platform to enjoy saltwater fishing and the beautiful Carolina sunset.
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  • The Gulfstream Charter
  • $3,460 + Fuel Surcharge
  • Integrity Gulfstream Charters are for the most discriminating anglers. Fishing in the gulfstream off the Carolina Coast is truly world class and unlike any other fishing experience one can imagine. This trip takes Integrity anywhere from 60-90 miles offshore in the hunt for epic game fish. In the late spring, May and June, there is a phenomena we call the Carolina Gold Rush. Any given charter can expect to catch 20 to as much as 60 dolphin (mahi mahi) in one trip. This does not mean that spring is the only good time to charter to the gulfstream though, because of its warm flow of water from the Gulf of Mexico, fish can be caught year round in the stream. On any given charter, one can expect to catch sailfish, blue marlin, white marlin, dolphin, wahoo, tuna, king mackerel, amberjack, barracuda, and bonita. One more aspect to consider, on longer trips, Integrity is the ultimate boat to charter as it can comfortably sleep six passengers in her air conditioned and heated salon. Also, all of our gulfstream charters include two captains and one mate for added safety.
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  • Important Information
  • Cancellation Policy
  • The captain reserves the right to cancel any trip at his or her discretion due to weather conditions. If the captain cancels a trip due to weather, the client has the option to reschedule to a later date, or to receive a full refund. If the weather appears marginal, the captain will leave the decision up the discretion of the clients. In this case, the trip may be rescheduled for a later date and time, if no time is available, a full refund will be issued. In order to receive a full refund, clients must cancel 48 hours prior to departure, if within 48 hours, but not within 24 hours, 50% cancellation penalty exists. If cancellation takes place within 24 hours of departure, 100% of the trip is due.
  • Important Information
  • Sea Sickness Clause
  • It is our recommendation for customers, who are not sure about getting sea sick, to take a seasick pill the night before the charter, and another an hour before the charter. There are many forms of medication available at your local pharmacy. Integrity Charters recommends checking with your doctor to make sure it safe for you to take the medication for the trip.

*Catering is available on all of our charters with advance notice. Please advise during booking if you would like us to provide food and drinks for your trip.

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the rising costs of fuel, a fuel surcharge may be assessed in addition to the price of the charter.

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